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Guestbook for Chris Mason Photography
Sandy Ahmadi(non-registered)
Hi Chris. Obviously did not get downtown on Sunday as my Mom was not well and is very elderly and fragile. If you have the rooster, I want him, and am wondering what you could do to ship him to me. Both my sister and I are still talking about him. Please call when you get time. Sandy 239-218-7057 or email Thanks Chris. We really appreciated and enjoyed your work.
Julie Conlee(non-registered)
I would love to see some pieces available for sale! Redecorating my living room after the holidays and would love to be an owner of one of your wonderful pieces.
Gert Jan(non-registered)
Chris, every time I visit your website you bring a smile on my face. I just love the pictures in the People section. But hey, I love photographing people myself more then anything ;-)
It's always a pleasure to visit your website and to watch your great work!

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Gert Jan
Aprill Cunningham(non-registered)
Saw your work in Decatur this weekend. I love what you do. Was wondering if you were showing in a gallery in Bham or when your next local show will be.
Vickie Vaughan(non-registered)
Loved meeting you in Decatur today! Absolutely mesmerized with your work! Like I told you, we have been friends (& neighbors) with Sloane Bibb for years. He has always gotten out of the box and I see that in your work! You're very talented and I expect you will do great things! Good luck in all your future endeavors. I hope to add one of your pieces to my humble collection.
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